About Me

Me and my scrumptious hubby

A short little note on me and why I choose a life of fitness and good food for health and well being……………………which has ultimately led me to my PT diploma which will begin next week…Yikes!!!

I know only too well the peril’s of being very overweight and also underweight. At my heaviest I was 13.5 stones. At 5ft 1in this was a little uncomfortable. I have also been underweight, equally as unhealthy. It has been a huge learning curve one that I now find myself wanting to share my passion for all things sporty, lifting weights and my new-found love of good quality tasting food not only as fuel but for enjoyment too. I am a very sweet toothed Pesco-vegetarian who can not tolerate any gluten with a meat loving family….  this indeed makes for an interesting combo of food at mealtimes. I largely try to follow a ‘clean’ diet, I actually crave good foods these days. I love carb cycling. I am however not perfect and love nothing more than a glass or two of wine and some choccy snuggled up with the hubby at weekends. Life is for living.

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