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Sunday Study

May 22, 2011

A short post as not much to report really……and only 1 pic as a smally problem with one camera lacking in battery power..Grr!

Woke up with a craving for porridge, so I made what my hubby would probably call a shocking mix, porridge with sf maple syrup and a big dollop of peanut butter. It was lush. Few hours of pondering over long bones, short bones, joints, lalalala, and then lunch of  mushroom and courgette omelette with a sweet potato and salad. More meringues for dessert. delish! Still hungry (or rather brain ache) so a slice of GF bread which was grim but the lemon curd made up for it. 😉

Afternoon of yet MORE study before cooking a roast chicken dinner for the munchkins. My fridge was bare of fish so I had to make do with some quorn mince on a bed of raw spinach leaves, hot beetroot, sugar snap, and broccoli. Dessert……… well if you can call it that …….was dried pineapple, a few dates, with brazils, cashews and a tbsp of peanut butter right from the jar. What is it with me and PB right now?  My hand has also been in and out the toffee jar all day……along with too many cappucino’s!

No exercise either today, so hopefully I will squeeze a run or a spin in at some point tomorrow…..fingers crossed!

I start my PT course tomorrow and I feel pretty nervous. Of course I am looking forward to it, just apprehensive at the same time. No turning back now, my bag is packed, lunchbox made. (See below, camera now fully charged) Now all I need is a good night sleep.

Lunch Box

So with it being my first day, I have no idea what will  be available to buy there, so I am settling for a flaked salmon salad and some GF crackers. Snacks of mixed nuts, grapes, dried pineapple, and I may take a greek yoghurt to bung the fruit and nuts in. I need to hit tesco’s again tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

Question: Is anyone else studying right now?

Busy Saturday – Awesome Workout – Concentration Lacking…..

May 21, 2011

Good Evening All, How has everybody’s day been? Well I woke up this morning feeling like a wet weekend but I had promised little Miss that she could go to her club at the gym so I gobbled up some eggs and maple syrup, yum for my tum and off we went.

Cardio only day for me so I decided to hit the spin class……well let me tell you from feeling like a bag of donuts, I ended up with a wicked session. 40 mins spin, 5k hill run, followed by 5k with sprints, woah my heart took a beasting….. now I don’t normally mix my hill session with sprints BUT my glutes have recently let me down, I had to pull out of The London Marathon this year due to the darn things and trust me when I say this combo today left the blighters firing on all cylinders whoop whoop! Hill’s and sprints are not really my thing but if it helps me to do what I enjoy best….(long distance) I’ll suffer them! Quick shower and then tesco’s whilst munching on grapes and a naked bar…..mmm truly lushness! Time then for a well deserved lunch. Now you will think I’m nuts but I LOVE hot salad, all the usual suspects in a salad and then pile on hot veg, asparagus, sugar snap peas, babycorn and hot roasted beetroot. add into the mix a big ole sweet potato and some anchovies (I think I was craving salt), lashings of balsamic and salad cream. (yep both together) and I am a one happy bunny.



Oooo Lemon Curd

So dessert to satisfy my massive sweet tooth…..mmm mini meringues with lemon curd blobs. I also like these with a concoction of agave syrup and peanut butter swirled over, however I abstained today from the peanut butter jar as I managed to get through a whole jar in two days……Ohhhh dear I am literally obsessed with the stuff at the minute, it is like my comfort blanket.

After  my sugar hit, I managed to get a few hours study cracked. I start my PT diploma on Monday and have a fair bit of pre course learning to cram. I’m still pining for my hubby, but at least he was able to call today, it was soooooo good to hear his voice. November feels like a million years away. ;-(

So more food awaits, Courteney is at a friends overnight and Josh and Taya had been promised takeaway…..shock horror they wanted a maccy dee’s, now I can not stand the place but I do believe that with children and indeed adults too, everything in moderation therefore my children have a full on wholesome varied diet with plenty of fruit, veg and all food groups and then yes they do get to indulge on a Saturday night or on holidays etc.

Meanwhile I indulged in one of my firm favourites right now, Prawn stir fry with oyster mushrooms, my dinner was like a rainbow tonight. I am a bit bored at the moment food wise, I am a pesco – veggie who has to follow a gluten free diet, I’m not a lover of rice so my main carbs right now are sweet potatoes, oats, gluten free bread (not all that great) and my latest find spelt crispbreads…umm not bad! Oh I nearly forgot snacks for today……I bought a punnet of strawberry’s for Court’s but oooops they may have ended up in my belly, I also had 4 crispbreads with sugar free lemon curd and a few chewy sweets…..come on it is Saturday which also explains my large glass of rose!

Dinner mmmm!

So time now for feet up with some greek yoghurt and hot apple and get my head stuck in to….nope no more study tonight…Tosca Renos clean book, I love her recipes.

Question: Peanut butter, dried fruit and grapes are 3 things I am so greedy with. What foods can you not manage without?

Lonely time ahead……

May 20, 2011

So what lies ahead for me right now…….

Family to me are everything and quality time spent with my hubby and children is so important to us in general but even more so of recent. My hubby left on Thursday for work and won’t be home until November. Boo hoo!! I am DREADING it. He will get home for two weeks somewhere along the way but I will feel like part of me is missing until November.

Life has always been like this for us, but it never gets any easier being a military wife. The older children have gotten used to it over the years but Taya is noticeably more clingy than her usual self right now.

I tried to get straight in to a routine today. Got up and cycled across to the gym, I was running late so my friend only had time for a short run, but I felt I needed some time just to clear my head and try to focus on the coming months…. I ended up running for 90 minutes, finished up at the gym with a short bicep blast and home for lunch.

A mahoosive prawn stir fry with sweet potato. Yummy!

I start my personal training diploma on Monday so I tried to bury my head in the books today but have just felt a bit sad all day. Our eldest Josh who is 17 in a few weeks has been awesome helping out today and just being a true little gent. Courteney (almost 14) is our middle one and after school tomorrow she is going to a party at her friends so no doubt Sunday for her will become a PJ day.

Well I think that is all for today….My blog may seem a bit muddled but I promise it will level out and find it’s flow over the coming weeks….

Question: Any exciting plans this weekend???

Family Sunday

May 20, 2011


The lazy teens Josh (almost 17) and Courteney (13) start most of a Sunday morning as they finish every day…..Sleeping! How do teens sleep so much?

Perfect opportunity for me and the hubby to get our gym / runs under our belts for the day. I managed to crack a lovely Sunday 9 miler followed up with a back session in the gym.

I am frequently reminded how lucky we are to live on the South Coast (UK) whilst plodding along on my runs along the seafront or off the beaten track.

Feeling pretty energised I arrive home to find one teenager up but not dressed and the other still sleeping…….ummm seriously?

He is promptly turfed out of bed as it is pushing lunch time and this mummy likes her family together for Sunday lunch! (Particularly this one….more on that later)

Between me and the hub’s we rustled up a mixture of num nums for our hungry munchkins…..knowing that they had to save room for Dad’s chicken pie later!